ocean water trainee at vobster quay

Training day at Vobster Quay

In July, LSAC organised a trip to seldom visited Vobster Quay in Somerset. The trip was organised by our DO and training officer, Steve and club instructor Jon. The aim of the day to conduct a number of training dives for various club members in order to progress them as far as possible through their […]

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Diver Profile – Peter Coy

The 1960s were a decade when scuba diving became both fashionable & sexy! It¬†featured in the James Bond movie Thunderball, where the secret agent donned scuba gear to battle the likes of SPECTRE, helping to boost public interest in diving even more. It was in this decade that Peter started diving for the first time […]


Dive Lectures 2016

It was the 17th year of dive lectures from the London Diving Chamber and Scuba Trust, but my first time attending them. To kick off, we have a video broadcast from Sir John Prescott. Who shared stories of how he originally became interested in diving and issues related to the sea, such as coral conservation […]