Training day at Vobster Quay

ocean water trainee at vobster quay

In July, LSAC organised a trip to seldom visited Vobster Quay in Somerset.

The trip was organised by our DO and training officer, Steve and club instructor Jon. The aim of the day to conduct a number of training dives for various club members in order to progress them as far as possible through their qualification grades, this included 4 ocean divers and 2 dive leaders, plus the assistance and company of Rita and Sue.

We had a great day, even though the rain only seemed to subside when we were in the water! Thankfully the facilities at Vobster are amongst the best, and their covered kitting up areas next to the water managed to keep us dry in between dives.

Everyone managed to get in the water for at least one dive, some trainees had up to three dives and our awesome instructors had many more than that!

Like most inland dive sites, there’s many ‘attractions’ to find and explore underwater, and Vobster certainly has a variety! Including cars, trucks, airplane fuselage and cockpit and old quarry/mining machinery. On one of the dive leader qualification dives, Jamie and Peter had to practise a lift exercise and managed to find a car door to manoeuvre back to the entry point (see the photos below).

It’s without doubt that the whole day was enjoyed by all, and we can’t wait to visit Vobster again and explore more of it’s hidden treasures.