Sunday at Stoney Cove…and the road to Scapa Flow

LSAC divers enjoying a bit of sunshine in between dives
LSAC divers enjoying a bit of sunshine in between dives

It was the last Sunday before the club trip to Scapa Flow, and so we had a good turn out at Stoney Cove to do some final kit testing and preparation before the big trip.

In addition to this, one of our newest members Steph ticked off another 2 dives towards her Ocean Diver, now leaving only two more dives to complete before she’s fully qualified.

BSAC ocean diver training
Final briefing before the next dive
Ocean Diver training at Stoney Cove
Jon teaching Steph ocean diver skills

Also, newly qualified Ed was there after completing his open water out in Croatia. This time swapping the warm Adriatic Sea with that of Stoney’s chilly but calm waters.

The weather was great for October, and perhaps one of the last days of the year where diving conditions were so good.

Ducks at Stoney Cove
The ducks joined us on the dives

For the rest of us, preparation for the trip to Scapa went without any (major) problems. Now it’s time to dry the kit and charge our dive torches before we hit the road on Friday.

BSAC diver preparing for a dive
LSAC chairman Paul getting ready for dive number 2