2016 AGM & Election


Last night, LSAC held their 2016 AGM in the 49th year since the club’s formation. For 2016, the members of the LSAC committee are as follows:

Chairman – Paul Vann

Secretary – Stephanie Kingscott

Treasurer – Lisa Vann

Diving Officer – Steve Gellard

Training Officer – Steve Gellard

Equipment Officer – Nick Crickmore

PR Officer – Peter Yates

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jon Hunt and Dave Pearson for their contributions to the roles of Diving Officer and Treasurer respectively.

Congratulations to Fred Muller for being awarded our ‘Novice Diver of the Year’ trophy. Fred joined us last year and since then has progressed impressively through his training to become a qualified BSAC member.

2016 LSAC novice diver of the year award

There is also “congratulations” to be said to Ian, who was awarded our ‘Plonker of the Year’ toilet seat. The reason being that on a dive last year he became a little too “at one” with sealife, that he ended up getting entangled in fishing line! Luckily, due to Ian’s training and assistance from his buddy, he made it up ok.


By Peter Yates